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22 Nov 1989


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i am BACK!!...
ouh well like as if anyone cared..
i doubt anyone ever read my entries..
4 days of long weekends due to CNY.
been staying at home helping out with the painting of the house..gosh my back hurts after painting 3 rooms..conclusion i shall respect people who worked as painters not an easy job definitely..
my dad has put me in charge to look out for any patches that is not painted properly..*eagle mode* activated lol..

hmm work...still same old same old...they always say money dont come easy..the higher ur pay is the more work you have to do... so far been trying my lazy best to finish what i can..hehe..LIKE NOW..haha..
ouh well lets get back to work...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st and for all wanna wish everyone a very


its the 2013 people.....new resolution definitely trying to be a better person and be more closer to ALLAH
and also trying to be a better daughter & sister to the family..
AND OF course trying to find a loving romantic fun funny best friend kind of BF which is still somewhere out there i hope
:) :) :)
work has been tiring as always trying my best to manage my time doing my work not at home most of the time will try to do it at work if i m not too lazy to lug my trustee LAPPIE with me
kids are always forever be my greatest strength
they really are sure a wonderful cure from all the tiredness..sickness..boredom..
my laughter machine
(k wait i am talking about the younger ones)
(the older ones are just simply my nagging machine where i nag to them like as if they understood to what am i nagging with all the word they never heard before and i have to stop halfway to explain them the meaning of it)
totally nagging failure but i still continue to do so..HAISH...
i soo need to stop wasting my saliva on them.
each time i feel down
my baby boy never fails to do his wonders on me
gosh i have all the motherly tinggling sensation alll over me

Sunday, December 30, 2012

here i am yet again...yesh i m awake at this hour due to my milk tea...FYI its freaking 3.30am....its either TV or WORK..i decided to finally do some of my work which is due in like a few days time...my stomach has been acting really weird lately...gastric is another thing..air coming out here & there... really bad digestive system..i dunno wat m i supp to do anymore..
well someone i knew for a long time has been acting pretty distant from me...sigh...well i guess with times people do really change...i duno..sld i just ignored it or come clean...hmmm...lets see how bad it goes..
since its the year end..busy with LP..classroom deco...now that i have such a huge classroom, i have no inspiration on what goes where or what..Another SIGH..any bright ideas please share...i could use a 2nd or 3rd opinion...
i m turning 24 next yr...depressing mode...ouh mr perfecto where can you be?
i dun think i can reach my aim of getting married at the age of 25.....

Monday, December 17, 2012

soooo in love with this song...

i wished i could confess but then nvm..
tr ivy always told me to find someone who love me not the other way speaking from her own experience..
well lets just say kalau da jodoh takkan ke mane kan...

anyway.. went on a 4day trip to PHUKET...took aeroplane for the 1st time..awesome experience..really like a roller coaster ride..glad i was safe and sound thru & fro..AMIN..
well as usual been busy with work..trying to juggle time with family and friends and M TRYING NOT TO BRING HOME MY WORK...

FREHLIA..been busy..thou i have been a sleeping partner due to my work schedule and stuff..will try to pay more attention to it..MIANHAE hurul ainaa..
been a great success which i never have imagine ALHAMDULILAH..

been getting insommia lately..ainaa said not to think too much about it..insyallah..its still running in my mind..trying myself to keep busy but ends up thinking about it...

had gastric after sooooooooo LOOONG...
still trying to press my stomach for the air to come out
hopefully but tmr morning i m AAA OOK..to go to work
i need to do a talk about winter solstic & the kids need to make tangyuan...

ouh well lets hope my gastric recovers ASAP..
back to trying to concentrate to write my LESSON PLANS..
tmr the children will be changing class how exciting!!!
i love my baby boy
who just turned 3
i dunno y i m sooo in love with him
hes just way too adorable in his own cute way

Sunday, November 18, 2012

love this song kinda a reflection of me..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

hey wats up!!...it already november..dang time really flew super duper fast...looking and so not looking forward for this month mainly cause i m turning 23 in 2 weeks time..and also cause i already feel damn old...but lets hope this november will be an awesome month for me... hehe...now that i m turning 23.. i need to find a BF ASAP..so that i could get married when i am 25 as planned...people around me are stressing for me to get married..yeah to whom may i ask....stop stressing me as if i dun have enough stress about it already..ouh my one and only destined guy to be where art thou be..PALI WAAA!!...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

so life have been slightly better i gues..at least i dont have to put up with the 2 irritating kids that almost make me pushed myself into depression... only that i have major workload to handle..which i m taking it slowly...coz i need to rest once i m at home also whatttt!!! lols... teaching back the k1 n k2 class really brings back the old memories..the k2 are my 1st batch of kids...the k1 are my 1st batch of kids that i really taught them from scratch lol... really proud how they turn out to be..hehe.. only thing is now they know how to whine talk back give all sort of excuses...haish... WHAT IS THE FUN IN LIFE WITHOUT ALL THAT! KEROCHO???

NOW M SO CRACKING my brain trying to figure out what to get for children's day.... hmm what should i get for them??....

anyway FREHLIA has been getting orders lately... but m sad to say i dont have the time to make them..so mostly my dearest partner in crime have to do it... mainhe!!! chomal mianhe!! will try to free myself from work ASAP!...